Skincare Discussion | Rosacea & Raising Awareness

April has been Rosacea Awareness Month and there has been various events, discussions and online articles highlighting this often-misunderstood skin condition. #ExperienceMyRosacea has been the hashtag used over social media where people have been invited to join discussions, gather information amd raise the awareness of the condition. […]


How to hide Rosacea

Rosacea is a skin problem that isn’t as discussed as other skin ailments. There’s an abundance of beauty products targeted to help fight commonly discussed skin problems like, fine lines and enlarged pores, however, beauty columns fail to discuss rosacea as much. […]

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Diorskin Forever Foundation #RosaceaReview

The next instalment of #RosaceaReview is now live and this time it’s a review of a high-end base product: the Diorskin Forever foundation. And I think it might be love…

Click below to watch the full review. If you’ve not seen one of my Rosacea Reviews before, I always apply the foundation to one side of my face to show how well the product covers my redness, before talking about its longevity, application, finish, texture, etc. […]