Rosacea: The Ugly Truth

A skin condition that is hugely overlooked, affecting a large proportion of the UK population (including myself) is Rosacea. Far from a debilitating disease, it may seem a trivial condition to dedicate an entire article to, but for those who suffer with the permanently rosy cheeks, it is not without it’s negative connotations – namely affecting self confidence. […]


Skincare Discussion | Rosacea & Raising Awareness

April has been Rosacea Awareness Month and there has been various events, discussions and online articles highlighting this often-misunderstood skin condition. #ExperienceMyRosacea has been the hashtag used over social media where people have been invited to join discussions, gather information amd raise the awareness of the condition. […]


Rosacea: My Experience

April is Global Rosacea Awareness Month, so I thought I would share my experience with this particular skin condition. Rosacea presents itself as redness of the skin, burst blood vessels, and sometimes pustules and papules, which can look a little like acne. […]


Skin thoughts

I can’t bear to look in a mirror, yet I can’t drag myself away. I inspect myself closely. Scrutinise myself. Every detail. Is it any better? Is it any worse? […]


Farewell Roaccutane

‘You’ve got a secondary infection,’ said the dermatologist as I walked into his office. No sh*t, Sherlock. I hadn’t said a word myself. I didn’t need to. All the words I needed were written all over my face. In bright red. It was nice to have an acknowledgement that something was badly wrong. I hoped he’d have a miracle for me. A week of antibiotics, then back on the Roaccutane and back to perfect skin in time for Easter. But skin doesn’t work like that. […]


Experience My Rosacea | My Skin Story

I have red skin, I blush very easily, and I get hot and bothered. I also get spots and have a very oily t-zone. Rosacea is not a skin condition I ever thought I had. I assumed I had sensitive skin and that I simply had to be careful with the products I used. Not the case. […]


Experience My Rosacea | The Facts

Did you know that April is Rosacea awareness month? Probably not, I didn’t.

As far as skin complaints go, rosacea is just not talked about. If you’re diagnosed with acne, there is so much help and advise out there. When it comes to rosacea though, not so much. That’s where the Experience My Rosacea campaign comes in. […]


Would You Be Friends With a Red-Faced Woman? (…)

Experience My Rosacea (supported by Dr Dawn Harper who you may recognise from Channel 4’s ‘Embarrassing Bodies’) is an incredibly positive campaign that aims not only to raise awareness and challenge common misconceptions, but to provide support where it’s often needed most. Right now the hub includes some great pieces of content, advice and storytelling from bloggers that are dealing with rosacea themselves on a daily basis – but the aim is to make it a complete destination that includes all the information anyone may need, both pre and post diagnosis. […]


Experience my rosacea

There is a name for these rosy cheeks – rosacea and whilst I do not suffer like some it is enough to make me feel self conscious. My cheeks often feel hot to which is part of the condition. Therefore when I was invited to meet with specialists including a dermatologist, celebrity make up artist Sarah Jagger and TV medic Dr Dawn Harper to learn more about rosacea and the treatments available I dragged myself out of bed early and headed to London for the day. […]



April is Rosacea Awareness Month, so I wanted to do an introductory post on the condition and talk about effect it has had on my life. I have always been a pale person that flushes easily; I would always be bright red at the end of a PE lesson, if I got angry, upset, or after a hot shower. It was always something I was aware of, but didn’t pay too much attention to, as I saw it as a minor annoyance and nothing more. […]

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Blogging has many perks and benefits, and one of the main ones is that they can work as a great fountain of knowledge and as a way to share people’s personal experiences which others can then interact with, engage with, and relate to. So I thought it would be hopefully useful to someone out there if I shared my experience with hyperpigmentation/mild rosacea, as the more people that talk about it, the more known it becomes, right? […]